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How to Get Regular Updates of Annarchy

Since I don’t write here daily, it’s easy to miss new stuff on this blog. My friend Chris Brogan, guest-posting at Shannon Paul’s place, calls the content I create here a “craft blog” and distinguishes it from a typical blog … Read More »



I Suspect Everyone Else Is Smarter, Better-Looking, Taller, Cooler, Cuter, Has Newer and Shinier Objects than I Do (and Is More Modest)

When you are prone to measuring yourself against others, like I am, and when you both work and live out chunks of your life online, as I do, the Internet can be a bitch. It’s easy to get caught up … Read More »


How I Invented Blogging

The fabulous Toby Bloomberg solicited this from me more than a year ago for a site she was publishing, Blogger Stories. I asked her to let me reprint a modified version here to answer a question I’ve been getting a … Read More »