Ann Handley is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, keynote speaker, and the world’s first Chief Content Officer.

Few people can speak about Content and Marketing with more authority than she can.

Want to book her right now as your next keynote speaker? Check her availability with her team at ann [dot] handley [at] gmail [dot] com.

Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author Ann Handley from Ann Handley on Vimeo.

Here’s why Ann is a sought-after speaker:

  • As an experienced editor and pioneer in online publishing, she has been creating content to successfully engage audiences and grow businesses long before the notion of content became a cornerstone of marketing.
  • She’s a communicator first; a marketer second.
  • Her first book. Content Rules is the field guide to creating the kind of content that will truly set your business apart. See what the brutally honest reviewers say at Amazon, where the book has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars. (Not even Tolstoy gets 5 stars from that crowd. Seriously.)
  • That second book. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, is a Wall Street Journal bestseller.
  • Trained as a journalist, she has a knack for making complex subjects simple. She excels at nuance and storytelling.
  • She’s fun. Your audience won’t be bored. The best testimonial here would be the one from Ann’s then 14-year-old daughter, who said (after listening to her speech): “I thought I’d be bored, but instead I’m ready to go create some content!” Your audience is probably more receptive to Ann’s message than the typical teenager. So there you go.


“Ann Handley is a conference producer¹s dream, because she just gets it. She did all the right things to make my job easier – from pre-event preparation/communication/promotion, to delivering the goods on event day, to post-event follow-up. Add to that the fact that she is brilliant, dynamic on stage, and skilled at making a personal connection with the audience, and she is a speaker you would be lucky to have. I know we were. I would work with her again in a heartbeat – and you should too.” — Len Herstein, Brand Manage Camp

“Every so often, a speaker ‘owns’ the stage! Ann Handley does just that. With her engaging style, frequently sprinkled with humor, she instantly connects with the audience and opens their eyes to why content is the new marketing.  Substance + passion = a rock star of a storyteller!” — Judy Neiman, Healthcare Strategy Institute

“In response to a dissatisfied crowd at one of his readings, counter-culture poet Charles Bukowski quipped: Writers write, we don’t speak. Equally dexterous with the pen and tongue (wowza!) Ann is the exception to Bukowski’s rule. She’s the rare writer whose words come come to life just a little more when she presents in front of a crowd. Her audience-raving secret seems to be her quirky way of blending substance (she knows her stuff, does her homework) with her patent-pending “self-effacing wiseguy” style. There’s only one Ann. (Thank God.)” — Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing, InsightSquared

“We were thrilled to have Ann as a keynote for our debut, sold-out Confab content strategy conference—her relaxed, humorous presentation was as informing as it was entertaining. She was so highly rated by our audience, we had her back to keynote our debut London conference, as well!” — Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic

“When inviting Ann to Croatia for a workshop and keynote speech, we were wondering if the cultural and market differences would be a problem, and how well the content would fit to our audience. Ann proved up to the challenge and made a great connection with attendees, inspiring them and giving practical knowledge they can use from the moment they are back in their offices.” — Ante Đorđević, Dani Komunikacija (Rovinj, Croatia)

“A great speaker can excite you to want to improve. A great thought leader can show you how to improve.  Ann is the rare combination of both, which has motivated thousands of marketers to create success for their organizations. What creates this rare combination?  I believe it is because of her strong marketing and business acumen mixed with a genuine desire to help others.   If you are looking for a speaker who is going to truly enhance your event and will bring a positive feeling to your brand, than I highly recommend Ann Handley.”Maria Pergolino, VP of Marketing, Apptus

“If you’ve ever been invited to a dinner party where you don’t know anyone, and the hostess introduces you to a few folks….  Then, the next morning you’re trying to remember the last time you’ve had so much fun, and you receive a few encouraging notes from your new friends, including a few links to the precise resources you need to complete your project.  Ann Handley has been that hostess for the B2B community, which is why Forbes ranked her the #2 social media influencer in 2012.  As a conference speaker, she brings the audience together the same way, with a gift of connecting people through entertaining storytelling and the ability to make the complex simple and fun.” — Tim Washer, VP of Social Media, Cisco

“Ann partnered with us at Bridgeline and was the headline speaker in a 10-city road show we executed on Content Marketing. She is a remarkable presenter and deftly conveyed her innate enthusiasm and clear expertise to the audiences.” — Brian Bolton, former SVP of Marketing, Bridgeline Digital

“The International Association of Business Communicators hired Ann to be a keynote speaker at our annual Business Communicators Summit conference. From the moment we first contacted Ann until the end of the event, Ann was a true pleasure to work with! I’d highly recommend Ann to other organizations and companies who need an engaging and energetic speaker.” — Melanie Deardorff, VP of Digital Marketing, JP Morgan

“As a public voice and keynote speaker, Ann Handley brings fantastic credibility, wit, and clarity of mind to her audience. She offers compelling expertise about the world of content and marketing. Ann goes far beyond sharing expertise though when she engages her audiences. She cares about earning their trust. I work with many keynote speakers; and her sense of ownership for the audience’s experience is tremendous; it’s high-calibre. To quote from one of her keynotes, she firmly believes in going beyond storytelling — to really studying how to tell a ‘true story well,’ especially in our era of hyper-publishing. This is what stands out about Ann’s impact as a speaker: it’s her ability to assert a unique, usable point of view as a writer and marketer (vs. merely generalizing from common knowledge already out there). I respect Ann’s expertise, care, and humor. It was a pleasure working with her, and being in her audience too. If I have the chance to retain her to keynote my events – I’ll take it.” — Jill Foster, CEO, Live Your Talk

“MediaCat hosted Ann Handley last year at our Marketing Forum.
Our Turkish crowd thought the information and ideas she offered was both valuable and remarkable, so much so that we’re hosting Ms. Handley again at our Digital Age Summit this year!” — Hande Vatandost, Kapital Medya (Istanbul)

“I would highly recommend Ann as a speaker, and also her excellent content, to a wide variety of audiences (not just marketing pros, for whom her message resonated so much).” — Anne Banks, co-chair, Professional Association for Investment Communications Resources 2015 Annual Conference

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