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10 Ways to Deal with the Stupid Amount of Email You Get

Pop quiz: Do you wish you received more email? Answer: That’s a ridiculous question. I’ve been thinking about email a lot lately, because for the past few weeks I’ve been tracking how much time I spend managing, writing, reading, forwarding, … Read More »


Stuff You Missed, Stuff You Loved: The Best of 2014

This blog, like most, is linear. It’s in chronological order, so things once thought precious get buried and lost at the bottom of the metaphorical sock drawer until you’re rummaging around in there one day and happen upon that thing … Read More »


Win a Free Copy of the New ‘Everybody Writes’ Audiobook

The Everybody Writes audiobook is fresh out of the recording studio! This means that you can now listen to all 8 hours and 44 minutes of the Wall Street Journal bestseller while you are in your car, working out, walking … Read More »

Eddie the Terrible: Talk About Total Marketing Transparency

Creative, Funny, Unusually Honest Marketing of an Awful Dog Named ‘Eddie the Terrible’

Most pet adoption listings try to make the cats and dogs up for adoption as appealing as possible. But not the Humane Society Silicon Valley, which last week published a creative, funny, and unusually honest listing for a tiny tornado … Read More »

6 Things You Can Learn from an Unfunny Marketer's Funny Redemption

6 Things You Can Learn from an Unfunny Marketer’s Funny Redemption

Fifteen years ago, my friend Doug Kessler swore off any attempt at “comedy” after an attempt at funny dissolved into flat-out failure. Doug, who runs marketing agency Velocity UK in London, recalls the white-hot shame of it all: “We wrote … Read More »

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This Simple Strategy Will Stuff Your Business so Full of Content That It Will Have to Wear Its Fat Pants

Creating ridiculously good content is hard. Which is why you have to squeeze every drop of juice out of whatever content you create—as C.C. Chapman and I wrote in the fifth “rule” in Content Rules: “Reimagine; don’t recycle.” “Recycling is … Read More »

10 Ways to Create a Culture of Writing

10 Ways to Create a Culture of Writing

Many organizations have hired a content manager or director, or chief storyteller, or chief content officer. But how can content leaders champion a more content-oriented company culture so that everybody on their team writes? I got this question recently. Let … Read More »

This New Book Helps You Turn Your Content Marketing Up to 11

This New Book Will Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star

Too many business books feel like cover bands. They might be entertaining enough, but ultimately what they deliver feels a little lacking—a substitute for the real deal. Which is why I love this new digital book launching this week from … Read More »

The Back Story and Marketing Takeaways from the Airbnb Berlin Wall Anniversary Film

The Airbnb Berlin Wall Anniversary Film: A Q&A with Its Creator

Airbnb yesterday launched a short animated film aligned with two things: the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and a traveler-inspired story of “belonging anywhere.” “Wall and Chain” tells the story of a woman named Cathrine who … Read More »

Twitter Helps Me Get My Lost Book Back, and What You Can Learn from It

Twitter Helps Me Get My Lost Book Back, and What You Can Learn from It

Last Wednesday I flew from Boston to Philly on a midday JetBlue flight. I’m a nervous flyer, even when the weather is cooperating. Last Wednesday, it was not. It was stormy and rainy, and so the flight bounced around aggressively … Read More »

Mercedes-Benz and Instagram: A Clever Way to Build Your Own GLA

Mercedes-Benz and Instagram: A Clever Way to Build Your Own Car

I talk a lot about using social media for storytelling (rather than simply sharing), and I also talk a lot about creating content that’s useful, inspired and empathic to the needs and wants of the people you want to reach. … Read More »

What's Next in B2B Marketing

What’s Next in B2B Marketing?

Next month, 750 business-to-business marketers will gather in Boston to learn and bond at the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum in Boston, the theme of which is “Marketing for What Comes Next.” Side note from the Good Problem to Have Files: … Read More »