Everybody WritesEverybody Writes (2014)

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content (Wiley,  2014)

Everybody Writes is your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content that attracts and retains customers.

Because in today’s content-driven world, writing matters more… not less.  

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What others say:

“Move over Strunk & White: Everybody Writes is the creative resource for a new generation.” —Andrew Davis, author, Brandscaping

“With wisdom and an infective wittiness, Ann shows you how to take your writing from awkward or awful to electric or elegant. She’s your favorite teacher, cracking you up while her tough love gets you to do the work to improve.” —David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“The alternate click-bait title of Ann’s great new book could have been 73 Ways to Improve Your Writing and Conquer the World! …and it would have been an understatement.” —Brian Clark, Founder and CEO, Copyblogger Media

“Ann Handley’s new book helps make every bit of content count—for your customers and your bottom line.” —Kristina Halvorson, President, Brain Traffic and author, Content Strategy for the Web

“I just glanced at the table of contents and I’m already a better writer. Ann Handley might just single-handedly save the world from content mediocrity. Really, really ridiculously good-looking content just got an owner’s manual.” —Jason Miller, Senior Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

“This book should be included with every keyboard sold, like a combo pack of communication clarity.” —Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert, and Author, Youtility

“Ann Handley does the impossible: she teaches you (and me) not only how to tell better stories but also how to get those stories to connect with an audience.” —Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image, and Author, Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete

Everybody Writes gives you all the tools you need to make writing a core part of your life (and it needs to be).” —Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, and Author, Epic Content Marketing

“A fun, fast read that makes you want to run to your keyboard and tap out a masterpiece. But it’s not just for writers, it’s for anyone who commissions, edits, or works with writers.” —Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director, Velocity UK

Content Rules (2011)


Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (Wiley, originally published 2011; paperback 2012)

How does a company make the leap from “marketing-speak” to become a publisher on the Web? How do you know what to say? How can you create stories and videos and blog posts that people will love? How can you cultivate fans and spark devotion? How can your ideas ignite your business? How do you know if it’s working?

Content Rules is the best-selling book on content marketing and (increasingly) a textbook that helps marketing professors communicate the importance of content to marketing students worldwide.

Learning new things can be awkward and difficult. But this is the book that helps organizations make the leap to publisher elegantly and effectively. Read the Amazon reviews (or – even better!) buy it here.

What others say:

“It should come as no surprise that the best Marketers tend to also be the best publishers of content. If you take a look at Digital Marketing, it’s not about what you’re marketing, but rather the content you are creating and the traction it gets. Content Rules is what it is and does what it does… magnificently. It will help your business get better at publishing content. It will help your business grow. It will help your business be smarter. Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have done an amazing job of bringing it all together. Want your business to succeed? Read this book… and start doing what it says.” —Mitch Joel, President of TwistImage and author of Six Pixels of Separation

“Websites. Blogs. Social media. Content marketing. Easy to say, easy to launch…hard to keep up, hard to do! How can you continually produce engaging, useful content that keeps your audience coming back for more? Content Rules shows you how. Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman give real-world, common-sense advice about how to write (yes, you can!), what to write about, and how to have fun in the process. An absolute must-read for marketers everywhere.” —Kristina Halvorson, CEO of Brain Traffic and author of Content Strategy for the Web

“A strong communications program in the Social Media era relies on the ability to produce a daunting volume and array of compelling, creative content. It’s a frightening proposition for most marketers, who grew accustomed to fairly standard tactics. C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley’s book, Content Rules, will serve as a beacon of light to marketers searching for credible, achievable approaches to this challenge. There are few people whose ideas I’d trust more than C.C. and Ann’s, when it comes to laying the foundations of a successful Social Media strategy.“ —Todd Defren, Principal, SHIFT Communications

“I picked it up last night and couldn’t put it down. To be honest, if it was anyone other than C.C. & Ann, I probably wouldn’t have read it, because my thoughts were starting out ‘content….I get it, I produce it, I understand social.’ How wrong could I be? I had to keep reading it because every page made be think about how I should/could improve. I started making lists on the iPad as I was reading. And what can I say about the tone? It’s straight-forward, detailed but not condescending, friendly and informative, but with obvious depth and understanding.“ —Robert Lane, CEO / Co-founder, Overlay TV

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

"Move over Strunk & White. Everybody Writes is the creative resource for a new generation."
-- Andrew Davis

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