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High-Fiving a Million Angels: It’s Launch Day for ‘Everybody Writes’

The sound you hear is Tina Fey high-fiving a million angels… because it’s launch day for Everybody Writes!

High fiving a million angels


Good writing helps good marketers become great marketers.

And today, the book is finally in stock at the bookseller of your choice.

Which means the sound you might also hear is thousand book spines being cracked open for the first time.

(I love that sound. Whether it’s my book or not.)

Find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, KindleNook, and the local bookseller of your choice.

And I suppose you can also find it at your local library or bookmobile… as well as back-alley black market, bootleg site, or wherever books are available, traded, or sold. Not that I recommend black market or bootleggers.

Everybody WritesEverybody Writes is your practical go-to guide—your map to the most important and useful guideposts on the path toward better writing and non-mediocre content.

And, more important, it’s useful and approachable and (I think) fun to read.

Pop quiz: Who needs a book on writing that feels as heavy as a swimming pool filled with wet cement?

Answer: Not you.

Last week at Content Marketing World, someone asked me whether every marketing team should have a dedicated “content person.”

I have a different take. I believe every marketer should be a “content person,” period.

In other words, every marketer should be able to write with clarity, brevity, and utility—just as every contractor who showed up to work on my Tiny Office could wield a hammer. I believe this:

Becoming a good writer will help make you a great marketer.

So I wrote this book to help you become that marketer.

If you buy it by midnight tonight (9/15/14) and send your receipt to preorders (at), you’ll get some sweet swag in the mail in about a week or so.

Everybody Swaggy

Everybody Swaggy

Also, you’ll get my warm appreciation, sincere thanks, and your own loud high-five slap when I see you.

If you are at HubSpot’s Inbound 2014 tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16th, I’ll be signing some of the first copies there at 6 PM during the Happy Hour.

Oddly, they have me set up near the bar. Not sure who made that call… but clearly that person at HubSpot knows me well.

I’m grateful to friends and colleagues who are helping to spread the word about the lovefest between marketing and writing.

Check out a few interviews, excerpts, and more about why being a good writer will make you a great marketer:

…and to all of you, too: Big thanks.

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37 Responses to High-Fiving a Million Angels: It’s Launch Day for ‘Everybody Writes’

  1. Sadie says:

    Yay! Expect to get my copy tomorrow, can’t wait to read it and become a better writer.

  2. Just ordered my copy from Amazon!! Yay 😀

  3. Doug Kessler says:

    I alreddy right good. Very good. But maybe this book will make me write gooder.

  4. Douglas Pals says:

    Just. Bought. It. For. My. iPad.! Now, I am reading your stuff and Chris Guillebeau’s new book at the same time! Woot!

  5. Lee Odden says:

    Congratulations professor Handley. Content greatness class is in session. 🙂

  6. Pre-ordered it.
    Received it.
    Swagging while reading it.

  7. Excited for you, Ann! It’s a fantastic book.

  8. Andrea Vahl says:

    Wooooohooooo! Can’t wait to read it – I already love what you’ve shared about it!

  9. Trish Forant says:

    Looking forward to it! Love the enthusiasm around it, too.

  10. High Five to You Ann!

    Congrats on the new book.

  11. James Pier says:

    Couldn’t get a hard copy for you to sign at Content Marketing World, but I pre-ordered a copy weeks ago. Amazon says it’s on the way. Congratulations!

  12. Based on shipping updates, my copy draws closer to my abode daily. Can’t wait. Having fun with my swag in the meantime. 🙂

  13. Teri Kojetin says:

    I got mine yesterday, as you may recall from my Twitter share and YT video. 🙂 I started it last night. Congrats on the launch!

  14. Congrats again on your masterpiece and thanks for sharing some of your story on my show Ann.

  15. My book came in the mail yesterday and I started reading it right away. It is terrific as expected!

  16. Congratulations again my friend! If Amazon’s drones don’t misfire and accidentally drop out of the sky, my hardcover of Everybody Writes should arrive tomorrow on September 17th.

    Also, I’ve listened to your podcast interview with Mitch Joel at least 5 times since Mitch published it on his site. That’s a great interview with so many writing gems from your hard-won experience. More importantly, that interview captures so much about you as the thoughtful, funny, generous person that is Ann Handley.

    Cheers to you! How I wish I was there with you, Mitch, David, and scores of other folks during today’s Happy Hour. #Jealous 😉

  17. Teri Kojetin says:

    And just a side note, she said she’ll look for you and say hi. Her name is Nicole van Zanten, Director of Marketing at ICUC.

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  20. Ben Shute says:

    Released Tuesday here, copy should be arriving forthwith!

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  23. Beth Bates says:

    Congrats, Ann!!! I even love the acknowledgements and intro! (Thanks for addressing me in the former, hee.)

  24. wrngold says:

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  25. m. says:

    Before the book goes to paperback: you should know that there are three embarrassing typos from pages 11 to 13.

    p. 11 – used quote of Coates and did not attribute [sic] to his misuse of “then” instead of “than”.

    p. 12 – paragraph topic sentence referring to Patel and Aragon is missing a “k” from the word “thank”.

    p. 13 – misspelled MacGyver.

    hope this helps.

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