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Big thanks to Dave Cutler for the story tip!

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like #shelfies far better than #selfies. You?

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21 Responses to Shelfies: Like Selfies, But for Book Nerds

  1. Gordon Diver says:

    Great idea and execution. Been known to add a #shelfie in my decks for the resources page. Good fun.

  2. Zsuzsi Szabo says:

    Wow, what a good idea! This is soothing that I would definitely recommend to our customers. They found a trend and formed to their own way. Great!

  3. This is fantastic! Perfect example of using context and crowd sourcing. Love this marketing campaign.

  4. Peter Knox says:

    I had the idea 15 months ago, but it certainly hasn’t taken off like Shelfies, which is shorter/cuter and brilliant because it brings the bookshelf’s owner into it. Very smart and fun.

  5. This such a fab and inspirational post, Ann. Thanks for caring enough to sharing it with your readers 🙂

  6. I love #shelfies – but who wouldn’t? It is certainly for book people like us – #shelfiesrule. It’s big in Europe as well, Ann. Thanks for sharing. Where’s your #shelfie by the way?

    • Ann Handley says:

      I knew you’d love it Trine! I was thinking of you! My #Shelfie is actually at the top here — right under the headline. (That’s my dog, Abby.) (Note Instagram pillow on wing chair!)

  7. Now this is a kind of “selfie” I can live with! 🙂
    Love the idea and love the marketing insights you’ve drawn from it. Such a great and social use of social media.

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  12. This is a trend I will gladly get behind. It weeds out non-readers and lets you see some of the amazing book collections people have amass. We gotta do everything we can to make books COOL again!

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