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What’s one thing that’s NOT in your LinkedIn profile?

One thing that’s NOT in my profile is this truth: I can’t tolerate watching myself on video. But in this case I made an exception. Because, well, this video is exceptional (for a few simple reasons).

Check it out:

Because I can’t help but dissect a good content idea, I’m compelled to say why Jason Miller outdid himself with this short, fun video and its execution: coaxing great and light-hearted responses from me as well as well-known content marketers like Joe Chernov, Michael Brenner, Jay Baer, Aaron Kahlow, Joe Pulizzi, Jeffrey Cohen, Carmen Hill and (my personal favorite) Michael Stelzner.

When it comes to animal sounds, I thought I was talented — I can do a seagull screech so authentic that beachgoers protect their fries and scan the sky — but Michael’s creature repertoire steals the show here.

What makes this video — one of the first JasonΒ  has produced in his new role as Senior Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at LinkedIn — work is that it starts where a lot of great content ideas start: By answering a simple question. In this case: What’s that thing you don’t include on a professional networking site? It’s a question LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner asks of new hires, Jason said.

The result is charming and human.

But even more than that: It’s perfectly on-brand for a site that seeks to be far more than an digital Rolodex for those looking for new work or new clients.

Said more simply: The best content is more about brains than budget.

Okay, let’s hear from you: What’s NOT on your LinkedIn profile?

Image credit: Jack in the Clouds, Keoni Cabral

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25 Responses to What’s NOT In Your LinkedIn Profile?

  1. John Bottom says:

    Excellent. Was this a branded piece commissioned by LinkedIn? It’s what video does best: personality. Thanks for sharing, Ann!

    • Ann Handley says:

      Hi John — You’re welcome!

      Re your question: Jason produced the video for LinkedIn, his employer.

      Unless by “this” you mean my post itself? In that case, nope. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Ann for your mentions of my animal impersonations.

    I know if this social media thing doesn’t work out what I could do :).

    Funny thing is that I was stumped by the original question and finally came up with the animal thing.

    Would love to hear your seagull some day.

    And for the record I worked at Taco Bell, likely down the street from you…

  3. That part-time job during school cleaning restrooms at a HVAC shop? Not on LinkedIn. Or resume. And almost erased from memory until I say this post…dang!

  4. Doug Kessler says:


    The idea and the execution (and the contributors).

    Bravo Jason.

  5. jim Kelly says:

    Love the animals and yes, he’s good at them!

    I have had so many jobs that I couldn’t fit them into my LinkedIn profile without an appendix: lifeguard; hotel desk clerk; high school drama coach; waiter (of course!); group sales director; stock broker; senior citizen tour director; theme park costume character; etc. Most of them wouldn’t be pertinent to my current incarnation but I left in Renaissance Faire performer (I played William Shakespeare) because it IS an outlier and lends color to my otherwise bland and unassuming profile.

    • Ann Handley says:

      That’s interesting, Jim. You’re making me rethink the pertinence of my Smack in the Chops window work… or at least some earlier jobs. I’ve never thought of the color some of my past jobs might have!

      (I also dressed as a Care Bear character at a few shopping mall grand openings. I was Good Luck Bear as well as the one with the rainbow tummy symbol. For the record, those suits are steamy inside.)

  6. Laurie Kinsman says:

    Ann, you may be on to a new restaurant craze; I’m not sure what they would serve, but “Smack in the Chops” sounds strangely intriguing. Nicely done on the video.

  7. Karol K. says:

    What is not in my LinkedIn account is my personal life. Most of my volunteering is not there. My political views are not there. My family is not there.

  8. I can’t decide which I appreciate more….The creativity of this video by LinkedIn, or the insight I’ve gained about these content marketers….Well done!

  9. Love it! I think it just gets to the heart of social media. Everyone gets tired of: “I’m the best, I’m an expert,..” But animal sounds? Now that’s something useful πŸ™‚

  10. Awesome video. I’m like you – video shy – but Ann you shouldn’t be (you’re adorable). Oh the things to be learned about content marketing thought leaders!

    This is also a stellar example of something content marketing does better than any other medium/channel: communicate authenticity and personality, which a heck of a lot more brands could use.

    What’s not on my LI profile? I’d have to go with my recent stints as both a Zumba and yoga instructor. While I’m not teaching this year due to my ski knee injury in February, there’s nothing like getting paid to exercise πŸ™‚ Namaste.

  11. Katybeth says:

    This made me smile. You were wonderful. However,we won’t really be able to fully appreciate your seagull impersonation until you share it….The mascot story complete with milk truck–a winner! Somehow, I can relate.

  12. Linkedin is for business profiling , you can engage to other business owners too.

  13. Jason says:

    Thank you for posting this Ann. So very much appreciated! I am just getting started here and I see so much opportunity for innovative content.

    Your personality shining through in this video was a true highlight : )


  14. DJ Waldow says:

    I feel like a broken record with my comments here lately, Ann, but …

    Not sure what I love about this post more – the video or the commentary.

    Glad you are blogging again more these days.

  15. Ann,

    I loved this video so much… Everyone’s so real and funny accessible. Thanks for sharing it!

    And what I don’t have on my LinkedIn profile is my ability to do voices. Like, remember Prairie Dawn from “Sesame Street”? I can sing her cover version of Muse’s “Unintended.” I can also sing like Gaston in “Beauty and the Beast,” Jerry the Gourd from “Veggie Tales,” and Snow White.

    So, yeah, I’ve been known to burst into song. But never in my own voice. THAT would be crazy.

  16. What’s missing on 98% of the LinkedIn profiles of business owners and sales/marketing/business development professionals is copy that shows their relevance. 71% of B2B Marketers say audience relevance is the most important element of content marketing and 88% of B2B Marketers cite case studies as the most effective form content marketing. Yet, most profiles come across like a resume as if you’re looking for a job. The profiles are not result driven and they are not case study based.

    I’ve written an article that’s published on that discusses in greater detail the need for demonstrating your relevance and expertise on your LinkedIn – and in your LinkedIn marketing efforts. You can read the article at:

  17. Nenad Senic says:

    Was Joe serious? Is he like real Michael C. Hall? πŸ™‚

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