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Well, this is a disappointment.

You dispatch an email to me only to have a response im-frickin-mediately — Holy cats! That. Was. Fast!!

Then you realize it’s just a dumb auto-responder. Nothing remotely personal about it.

The bitter truth rises in your gut when you realize: Ann’s on vacation — not holed up (as she usually is) just waiting for something to respond to. Like your email.

Point being, I’m unavailable.

(I just switched confusing between first and third person, if you noticed. Things are running fast and loose this week, aren’t they?)

Point also being, even if you tried to hide your disappointment and resulting hot tears of frustration at my absence, you’d be powerless. Am I right?

There, there. Buck up. I’ll be back. Next week. And I’ll do my best to get back to you then. Or maybe before.

I will be checking email and Twitter and Instagramming and Vining periodically (as the socially addicted among us tend to do).

So if it’s REALLY critical (and please think hard and long before you deem it so…), let me know? Maybe add an exclamation point or a red flag when you resend.

Or attach a nice bottle of wine to get my attention. I like the earthier reds.

I’m back at my desk on Monday, February 25. Eyes bright, tail bushy. I look forward to talking to you then, if not before!

Your friend,


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9 Responses to My Out Of Office Auto-Responder

  1. Ric Dragon says:

    Your out-of-office auto-response has reached my out-of-office auto-response. Since these ridiculous people that set us up are away, how about you and I grab a glass-o’ or a cuppa sometime? You know, while the cats away and all that.
    -Ric Dragon’s auto-responder

  2. DJ Waldow says:

    One of my favorites, as you know.

  3. Ann Handley says:

    Ric – What I really love is that your auto-comment got stuck in my spam filter! LOL…

  4. I love this. What else can I say? I just do.

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  6. Christian says:

    Your Out of Office-Responder is a nice one!

  7. Raluca says:

    Oh this is one of the best OOO responses I’ve seen, one that I actually read! Usually I stop after “I am out-of-the…”

    Here is mine, and yes, I really will be out of the office until August 25.

    I am currently out of the office. If your email is urgent, you can panic now.
    At the moment, I am most likely 1) On the beach, 2) Sipping a cocktail, or 3) On the beach sipping a cocktail.
    While I have full access to my phone, I do not intend to use it for work. If your email is an absolute emergency, my colleague ______ knows how to reach me. Bribe him with gummy bears.
    However, I may be checking my emails here and here, but don’t hold your breath. Instead, I will be tweeting and posting Instagrams, so you can always find me there.
    I am back in the office on Monday, August 25. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can after I return and #latergram all the pictures I haven’t uploaded while away.


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