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51RZSWMOpfL._SS500_I’m interrupting this personal blog to bring you a message from my business world: I’m writing a book!

Planned for early December release, Content Rules is a how-to guide to creating compelling content for the Web. The talented and fun CC Chapman is co-author (David Meerman Scott is writing the foreword), and together we’ll answer questions like, How can you create so-called bold stories and videos and blog posts that will inspire people? How do you develop ideas that will arouse passion for your products or services? How can you cultivate fans? How can your ideas ignite your business?

Any organization with a website is a publisher, right? So Content Rules applies to organizations of all sizes and stripes, whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a mom-and-pop on the corner, or anything in between: hospital, entrepreneur, nonprofit, sole practitioner or consultant, artist, government agency, church, school, political candidate, sports team, community group, marching band, butcher, baker or candlestick maker.

I’m excited about this project, because for me it represents a mashup of so many things that thrill me: Creating stuff people love. Building a community around an organization. Online tools. Good writing. (And, by the way, it also allows me to slay (or at least shame!) some demons that have long plagued my world: Like corporate Frankenspeak. Uninspired blogs. Boring craptastical content. Stuff that sucks.)

I’d be thrilled if you pre-order Content Rules now, or wait until it’s out this December.

Also, check out our brand-spanking-new blog and site, and (bonus!) watch me embarrass myself in the video.

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33 Responses to A Message from My Marketing World… I’m Writing a Book!

  1. Paulbarsch says:

    Nice, and 'bout time! Go get 'em tiger!

  2. thespottedduck says:

    Congratulations Ann! Looking forward to this.

  3. Jenny Motley says:

    I'm one of your many email subscribers, and just clicked over to wish you many, many congrats on your book! Look forward to reading it.

  4. katybeth says:

    Congratulations. Order and anxiously waiting!

  5. deniseoberry says:

    Congratulations on your book Ann. Wiley is a fabulous publisher to work with. I wish you much success. It sounds like a winner.

  6. DJ Waldow says:

    I don't get it.


  7. DJ Waldow says:

    Kidding, of course. Love it. Content. Rules. Content Rules.

    Video was classic too. I would not have expected anything different.

    DJ Waldow

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  9. I'm sure it's going to be great stuff, Ann. Congrats!

  10. annhandley says:

    Thanks, Steve! It's that “going to be” part that makes me nervous… still writing…!

  11. annhandley says:

    Do I know you? ; )

  12. annhandley says:

    Thanks, Denise. Wiley is great — and Shannon Vargo (our editor) is just awesome!

  13. annhandley says:

    Thank you Katybeth — ! Appreciate your support!

  14. annhandley says:

    Appreciate you stopping by here, Jenny. Thanks!

  15. annhandley says:

    Thanks, Shelley. And thanks for swinging by to say so!

  16. annhandley says:

    I know, right? ; ) Thanks, Paul.

  17. Jen DelMonaco says:

    Totally pre-ordering. PS who's styling you for the inside jacket photo???

  18. Hey Ann congrats and I'm sure it will rock! Actually the timing is perfect, content marketing is blazing HOT (as evidenced by my drowning while drinking from the fire hose of information out there) and in fact I'm designing a new seminar on it (maybe we should talk about that offline).

    Anyway, in the book I hope you guys will address “content overwhelm” and “content overload” because now that everyone's getting on the content marketing bandwagon and it's easier than ever to create it, there's so much for the average person to consume that we run the risk of people tuning out altogether or slowing the gush to a trickle by narrowing their intake of which content they'll allow in. For content producers, the challenge becomes how to select and sequence topics and cadence to keep people engaged long-term without overloading them AND stay in the “inner circle” against competitors. Can't wait to hear what you have to say on this topic! (Oh, and I want my copy signed by the way)

  19. Drew says:


    It's a guaranteed smash hit! I can't wait to read it and share it with others! Congrats!

  20. Congrats! looking forward to a smashing success.

  21. beckycarroll says:

    Many congratulations, Ann! I am SO excited for you. Can't wait to read it.

  22. KarenSwim says:

    Congratulations Ann! I look forward to reading and praising it loudly. 🙂

  23. Janis says:

    Not until December? Thank you for taunting me. I'm not good with delayed gratification.

  24. JamieLee says:

    Can't wait, Ann. Pre-ordered & looking fwd to a good read.

  25. annhandley says:

    : ) Sorry.

  26. Christine says:


    This is awesome. I cant wait to read it. I will pre-order when my daughter returns my credit card tonight.

    Christine Berry Solzberg

  27. annhandley says:

    LOL! Hopefully you have some credit left! : )

  28. annhandley says:

    LOL! Hopefully you have some credit left! : )

  29. annhandley says:

    LOL! Hopefully you have some credit left! : )

  30. Hi Ann,

    How was ypour E-book? I hope your success.. 🙂

    Judith @ social media for churches

  31. Terry Nugent says:

    Congrats on the book and being named one of top 10 social media influencers in Fortune article today. Would like to discuss how we can get a link to on the Marketing Profs site.

  32. Hi – just discovered your blog via #blogchat over at Twitter. Just had to give kudos for the term “Corprate Frankenspeak.”

  33. Blexilliaft says:

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